A love of learning begins at The Village.

Children's curiosity is their most important educational asset. Your child's natural curiosity will blossom into a love of learning with a positive preschool experience at The Village Preschool. Students at The Village Preschool enjoy a quality learning environment and compassionate teachers who will encourage and direct their curious instincts.

A journey of lifelong learning begins with cultivating a love of knowledge at The Village Preschool. Our classes combine teacher-directed cognitive learning with independent activities the child chooses. The combination of approaches helps develop the child's perceptual, scientific, mathematical, and language skills. All classes incorporate social experiences with literature, science, music, and dramatic play.

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Upcoming Events

Carpool Begins

Class Pictures (3-Day Classes)

Class Pictures (2-Day Classes)

Ault Park Field Trip: Enrichment Classes

Salem Business District Harvest Festival

Shaw Farm Field Trip (3-Day 3's)

Shaw Farm Field Trip (2-Day 3's)

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