Preschool teachers are your child's first teachers and will be remembered forever. They set the stage in your child's mind of what teachers are, what they do, and how special they can be.

The Village Preschool faculty is keenly aware of the important role they play in the classroom. Consequently, they take their role of providing students with experiences that will further their total development seriously - helping them attain a positive self-image, preparing them for kindergarten, applauding the spontaneous creativity that characterizes the preschool child. Our teachers and assistants understand that no two children are the same and respect the individuality of each child.

Each day, your child will be greeted at the classroom door by his or her teacher - a friendly face with open arms. The Village Preschool is staffed with teachers who hold degrees or teaching certificates as well as experienced teaching assistants. Every class is staffed at all times with both a teacher and an assistant.

Our teachers are always available to parents who may have concerns. Teachers communicate with parents through daily classroom activity postings, written summaries sent home in school bags weekly or monthly, biannual student evaluations, and annual parent-teacher conferences.